Kerintha @ Movie Review

Movie: Kerintha 
Rating: 3/5 
Banner: Sri Venkateswara Creations 
Cast: Sumanth Aswin, Viswant, Pavateesham, Sri Divya, Sukruthi, Tejaswi and Others 
Music: Micky J Mayor 
Producer: Dil Raju 
Direction: Sai Kiran Adivi  
Release Date: June 12, 2015

Sai Kiran Adivi impressed with his debut film Vinayakudu and followed it up with a decent sequel Villagelo Vinayakudu. He has been working on Kerintha script after Vinayakudu movies and finally his third movie is out after many years.

The story of the film is quite simple and based on the lives of three young college going couples. Each one of them have a love story of their own and spend some precious times together in the college. Things take a u-turn when they face the harsh realities of their respective lives and decide to part ways. Rest of the story is as to how these three couples reunite with each other and achieve their goals in life.

Sumath Ashwin shows maturity in his performance, while Sri Divya puts in a decent performance.  On the other hand, Viswant puts in average performance and one is left feeling that the director should have cast a more mature actor for the role.  And amongst the three couples shown, that of Parvateesam and Sukriti is the best. Parvateesam goes a little overboard with Srikakulam accent, but he gets the best moments and he is also the narrator of the film. Sukriti on the other hand gets to play a character that slowly grows on you and she becomes the most likeable character towards the end. Though she is a new actress, she puts in a good performance.  The rest of the supporting cast does the best within the scope of their characters.

Adivi Sai Kiran can handle the emotions well. He is a sensible director who didn't make fun of a fat guy to make a comedy film. Despite having three romantic tracks to deal with Adivi Sai Kiran managed to write a decent screenplay without making a mess of it. However he could have worked on something different than treading the beaten path.
Music is one of the major assets. Mickey's soulful melodies and soothing background score stands out in Kerintha. Cinematography is top notch. Vijay Chakravarthy has given wonderful output. Editing could have been better. Dialogues are good in parts.

Entertainment and Emotions
Feel Good Factor


A simple set up, decent performances from the lead cast and some emotions are basic assets. If you go in with low expectations and forget the predictable nature of the script, you can give this film a shot for its exuberance and practicality.

Verdict: Youthful Entertainer

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