Disha Patani too rejecting Allu Arjun ‘ICON’??

We have already said earlier that Alia Bhatt rejected to do lead actress role in Allu Arjun's ''Icon'' and it was offered to 'Disha Patani. But now the selection of Disha Patani too is in question as she is taking advantage of that.

According to sources Disha demanded huge amount. The movie unit trying their best to make a better deal but Disha taking advantage of the situation. If the makers wont agree to that deal will disha too reject this offer?? If yes , then it will be problem to ICON team as they want bollywood actress to play the lead role to have more reach in Bollywood market.

Earlier Alia Bhatt rejected the offer as she has no interest in doing tollywood films except if the director is Rajamouli. So we have to wait to see who gets the chance to share the screen with Allu Arjun.

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