Saaho @ BREAK EVEN Position after 13days Collections!!

After 13days of Run #Saaho managed to recover 69% including all versions from worldwide Theatrical Business. Except Hindi version Domestic Market its a loss venture in all the areas. Saaho performed better than expected in Hindi version domestic box-office irrespective of bad reviews which is pure Prabhas Craze and reasonable price it was sold for. Coming to remaining areas, Tamilnadu its outright disaster managed to recover only 25% and business is almost closed, In Karnataka too it will be a big loss venture where theatrical rights sold for very very High (28Cr) and managed to recover only 53.5%. Coming to Telugu States it was sold for massive 125Cr on Par with Baahubali2 its really big blunder selling on par with Baahubali2 and managed to recover 62.4%, Loss will be 45Cr here as theatrical run comes to an end. Kerala also it just managed to recover only 21% and outright disaster. Coming to Overseas it was sold for 42Cr and recovered 65% of its investment. Below are Area wise Pre-Release Business vs 13days Collections.

Area              Rights    13days Share

Andhra             85Cr         50.27Cr
Telangana        40Cr         27.74Cr
Karnataka         28Cr         15Cr
Tamilnadu         20Cr         4.65Cr
Kerala                6Cr           1.31Cr
Rest on India    70Cr         75.15Cr
Overseas          42Cr         27.33Cr

Total Rights:291Cr Share:201.45Cr

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