Saaho @ Telugu States Day5 Collections Report!!

Prabhas 'Saaho' registered Non-Baahubali2 highest on Day1 with 36+cr Share in Telugu States, and It peformed well on Day2 and Day3 as well with 10Cr+ each which is also a Non-Baahubali Record.
Day4 being Holiday it worked in favor of Saaho and collected close to 9Cr Share. Irrespective of reviews and mixed talk first 4 days it collected a Share 66+Cr in Telugu States.

The Actual Test stated from Day5 Tuesday, as expected huge drop witnessed all over Telugu states, Especially in Nizam iwitnessed Huge Drop, Decent in East Godhavari and UA areas, below average in all the other areas which not good for Saaho as there is still long for the movie to come in Break even zone. As per early estimates it might collect between 4 to 5Cr Share on Day5. We have to see how it will sustain in coming days.

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