Finally Good News to Prabhas Fans!!

Prabhas20 First Look and title
Prabhas fans are eagerly waiting from long time about #Prabhas20 update. so far the maker are not released a first look nor the movie Title. Its been more than 9 months since 'Saaho' was released and #Prabhas20 also completed half of its Shoot already still there is no Official update from Team. After the Huge success of 'Baahubali', Prabhas becomes Big Pan Indian Superstar and he gained huge following across the nation that was witnessed with Saaho.  Not only from Telugu, all over India fans are waiting to see First Look and Title of #Prabhas20.

On the Other side few movies announced very recently in TFI got their Title and First Looks released already this annoyed Prabhas Fans a lot. Being #Prabhas20 is also a another Pan India movie, Makers should have released its first look and Title way back. Not sure what are the reasons behind it but Prabhas fans got upset with this and they made negative trends on Makers and PRO Team. As per reports It even went to Prabhas notice it-seems and Prabhas informed team to release Title and First Look as soon as possible. According to the Reports we will get the update very soon, Finally a Good News Prabhas Fans!

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