Mahesh Babu fans targetting Guinness record??

Twitter trends have become more popular in film industries especially Tollywood. Star heroes fans are taking these trends very seriously. In the quest of records, they have been dedicating their whole time in trends.

Yesterday, Super Star Mahesh Babu fans celebrated their idol birthday in advance by releasing a common Display picture. On account of this, they have done a trend with hashtag #MaheshBabuBdayCDP. Eventually, this has become the biggest trend in India with humongous 3.1 crore tweets by breaking Pawan Kalyan fans record of 2.7 crore tweets. As a result, Mahesh fans are celebrating this across all social media platforms.
But this is just a sample as their big festival is yet to come. As Mahesh's birthday is on August 9th, fans are planning to celebrate it in grand way in social media.
As they achieved Indias biggest trend record, they are now eyeing World's biggest trend. Currently #TwitterBestFandom is the most tweeted hashtag in the world with 6 crore tweets. That trend has even registered into Guinness Book of World records.
Now Mahesh fans are planning to break this record and get themselves registered in Guinness World Records. They have decided to present this as a gift to Mahesh. Will Mahesh fans accomplish this huge task? Wait for August 9 to get the answer.

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