RGV 'Power Star' Collections Report!!

Ram Gopal Varma make bucks out of controversies. This statement has been justified once again with his latest release 'Power Star'. Amidst all the controversies and heated arguments, Ram Gopal Varma released 'Power Star' movie in his own streaming platform on July 25.

Reportedly, RGV succeeded again with his controversy formula. He claimed that the film witnessed record number of views. He tagged it as 'Industry Changer'.
RGV showed his marketing mind in pricing scheme too. He gave two options to the audience to watch the film in his platform. If they purchased the ticket before July 25, they had to pay 150 rupees. Once the movie released on July 25, the price spiked up to 250 rupees. Seems like this strategy worked out well for him.

As per reports, the film collected over 2 crore rupees. The majority of them are from advance bookings. The collections got dropped down from the release day evening, as expected before. However these numbers are not officially reported. No one knows the officiall collection except RGV himself. We have to see whether he comes up with original figures or not.

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