Massive changes in Bigg Boss Season 4!!

The biggest reality show Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 will be commenced soon. This news was announced by Star Maa itself. Since then there have been so many speculations regarding the host, contestants and many more. Audience have raised their doubts on how the makers will carry the show amidst the current pandemic crisis.

As per sources, the Bigg Boss management are taking ample of precautions for this season because of Covid-19. They even made massive changes to their conceptual schema of the show. Usually Bigg Boss lasts for 105 days ( 15 weeks ), but this season it will be lasted for just 70 days i.e 10 weeks. Even they reduced the contestants number to 13 which was 17 earlier.
Along with this there will be no wild card entry this season as it is not safe for the housemates to have contact with an outsider. Also there will be no common man contestant as the makers think that too as a risk. So with these massive changes, will Bigg Boss satisfy audience this season?

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