Patience test for NTR fans!

If a star hero works with Rajamouli, their fans have to face a tough patience test ahead. Prabhas fans faced this for 3 long years. But all that patience will have fruitful results later. Now it is the turn of NTR fans. To make things even worse for them, this corona virus came into existence.

Earlier, Rajamouli planned to release a glimpse of Tarak role in RRR for his birthday. Unfortunately as the shootings were paused, they did not have enough content to cut a small glimpse. Then they thought of releasing a poster of Tarak, but that plan too was in vain. This made things tougher for NTR fans. They have been waiting eagerly to see a glimpse of Tarak in RRR. But this covid-19 testing their patience. Now they have to wait for even more time to have a glimpse over Tarak.
On the other hand, Rajamouli is trying his best to complete the movie quickly from now on. He has trimmed some unwanted scenes which are yet to be filmed. Also he is working with the VFX team through Skype. The VFX teams are working from home and trying their best to complete the work. The movie unit are planning to resume the shooting as soon as possible.

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