Pawan Kalyan reacted on RGV's 'Power Star'

Where there is a controversy related to any tollywood celebrity, there we can hear the name Ram Gopal Varma. This talented filmmaker converting his talent into controversies. He is earning satisfaction in others frustration over him. After firing his controversy ammo on Nandamuri family, now he transferred his aim onto Mega family, more precisely on Power Star Pawan Kalyan.

RGV announced his next movie titled 'Power Star'. Even though he said it is officially not a resemblance of any person, we can clearly see his target. Today he released the firstlook poster of the movie and as expected the lead character resembles Power Star and Janasenani Pawan Kalyan. Also he added a caption on the poster "Ennikala Phalithala Tharavatha Katha''. He did not stop there, but went on releasing many stills in the movie. One of it also includes a character that resembles Mega Star Chiranjeevi.
As RGV crossing the limits inch by inch and testing the patience of Pawan Kalyan, everyone is expecting his response. Though he did not give any response directly, sources close to Pawan Kalyan said that he watched all those posters. He did not say anything but just gave a laugh at it. That is how a gentleman should react exactly. Pawan knows that it is not worthy to react on those. Even he knows that RGV too wants a response from him which helps in promoting the movie.
This is all about attention game and Pawan Kalyan made his movie perfectly. Let's see how far RGV will pinch in to get a reaction from Pawan Kalyan.

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