Rajamouli plans to conquer digital world!

S.S Rajamouli, the name that does not need any introduction. He is the expert in movie making. He knows how to bring audience into theatres and how to impress them and score full marks. But not only this, he is a mastermind in marketing too.

He showed his great marketing skills for 'Bahubali'. Currently he is busy with RRR but as the shooting got held due to Covid-19, he is converging his brain onto other things. Sources said he is penning the script for his next movie with Super Star Mahesh Babu and along with this he is involving in his OTT plans.
As the theatres are shut down, OTT platforms came into the light. All of a sudden the demand for the digital streaming media has spiked up. Eyeing this as an opportunity, Rajamouli decide to make bucks out of it.
As per sources he has decided to produce some shows and release them in any OTT platform. He is already listening few scripts and asked all the young talented directors to come up with interesting subjects if they have any. Adding the 'Rajamouli' label to the project will easily give ample of response.
This will not only help Rajamouli but also helps young and talented film makers by providing a perfect platform. Hope this new path of him helps everyone who involves in it.

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