NTR returns his remuneration back for Trivikram movie!!

As every project got paused, tollywood producers are having nightmares. This Covid-19 pandemic made things completely uncertain and thus became a burden on producers. Especially those who signed films with star heroes have huge burden on them as the interests are piling up. To rescue them from this, actors are coming forward and been doing their part.

Young Tiger NTR has already signed a movie with Trivikram Srinivas which will be bankrolled by Haarika and Hassine creations. Tarak reportedly took 8 crore rupees as advance for the film.
But now as things became messy, this project got delayed. Tarak has to complete RRR first which may take a long time from now. Even Trivikram is in plans of kick starting another project before Tarak gets free. Therefore it became a headache for the production house and thereby Tarak decided to return those 8 crore rupees to them.

Earlier Allu Arjun too sliced his remuneration for Pushpa for the same purpose. Good to see tollywood stars coming front and doing their part. Hopefully remaining stars too join this path.

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