RGV disappointed with 'Power Star' collections!!

Controversy king Ram Gopal Varma's last release is 'Power Star', a film which is a spoof on Power Star Pawan Kalyan. RGV gave his everything to promote the film and to make bucks out of controversy. He even had to face some harsh reactions from Pawan Kalyan fans. However all his attempts are in vain as the movie did not perform upto the expectations.

As per sources, his earlier release 'Naked' performed thrice better than 'Power Star'. The reason for this is definitely his over the dose promotions. Audience clearly understood that everything RGV does is just for money. They perfectly studied his formula 'cashing in the controversy'. They did not want to be rats in his trap. Therefore they did not show much interest on paying to watch the movie online.
It was said that RGV is completely disappointed with this. He even paid some fines due to many non permitted posters of the movie. So in every aspect, 'Power Star' remained as a forgetful experience for the director. Now it is really interesting to see whether he takes the same path for his another upcoming controversial film 'Allu'.

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