No Star hero to work with this Top director!!

Surender Reddy is one of the most talented yet inconsistent directors in tollywood. Everytime he gives a blockbuster, he follows it with a disaster. That sums up his career so far. However his blockbusters have a separate impact. That is the reason why every hero likes to work with him. He worked with almost every star hero of tollywood.

But after 'Sye Raa', Surender Reddy has been idle. He did not even finalise any movie. Earlier it was said that energetic star Ram will soon work with him. However there was no official announcements on this.
Sources close to Surender Reddy team revealed that the director is looking for a star hero to work with. Unfortunately, except Ram Charan no other Star hero is free atleast for 2 years. Even Ram Charan too listened many scripts and soon will sign up atleast two projects. Therefore Surender Reddy has no choice but to work with 2nd league actors unless he wants to waste few years in waiting for a star hero. We have to see what decision he makes.

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