Star family trying to stop RGV's 'Allu'??

Controversy king Ram Gopal Varma announced his next movie titled 'Allu'. Even though he did not say directly, it will be another spoof film just like his last movie 'Power Star'. He announced the character names of the film which justified the above statement.

However audience got used to this from RGV. They know that this is nothing but a publicity stunt from him to earn some money. The same is proved with 'Power Star' film. But on the other hand, the biggies who are getting targeted by RGV through this film seems to be not happy.
As per sources, those biggies made some discussions and are in plans to hinder this project from getting released. Surprisingly none of them reacted when RGV released 'Power Star'. Seems like there is one issue with this film that is worrying that star family.

However Ram Gopal Varma is not in a mood to look back. He proved his guts by released 'Power Star' even though there were harsh reactions from Pawan Kalyan fans. But this time, with the stars themselves trying to obstruct him, will RGV able to release 'Allu'?

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