Hanuman: Pre-Release Business Report

The latest project in the pipeline titled Hanuman for the box office hit duo hero Teja Sajja and director Prasanth Varma seems to have had a good start on its business front. 

It is reported that the success of Teja’s film ‘Zombie Reddy’ which was dubbed in Hindi and did well among the audience has led to the sale of Hanuman’s Hindi rights for an amount of Rs. 5 crore.

It has also come to notice that a multinational media platform has acquired just the Telugu satellite and digital rights of the film for a hefty sum of Rs. 11 crore making the non theatrical business sum up to Rs. 16 crore.

Although no deals have been closed on the theatrical rights yet, the demand appears high and it is speculated that Hanuman will do business worth Rs. 15 crore at the base level in the theatres.

 With no announcements on the release date yet, these numbers are a magnificent accomplishment by a young actor. All in all, the film already stands at approximately Rs. 30 crore worth of business. The final figures and the performance of the film among the audience are awaited.

Amritha Aiyer is playing the leading lady in the film being made on massive scale by Niranjan Reddy under Primeshow Entertainment.

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