RGV comes up with a new strategy for 'Power Star'!

Ram Gopal Varma is a mastermind when it  comes to movie promoting and marketing. He knows how to grab the attention and turn it into money. He is following the same formula for his upcoming movie 'Power Star'.

He has been releasing so many stills of the movie to raise the heat. He is testing the patience of Pawan Kalyan and his fans by releasing those stills. But they know this is all about the promotion game. As Pawan Kalyan has a huge fan following, RGV is trying make bucks out of it.
In the same process, he has introduced a new concept in movie business. The trailer of the movie is going to be released in RGV World theatre app . To watch the trailer, one must pay 50 rupees. This seems very much expensive but yet it will give RGV some profits as he created some hype around the movie using his tactics. Let's see how much will RGV earn with this never before strategy.

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