Oopiri 3 Days Collections (AP & Nizam)

Nagarjuna and Karthi 'Oopiri' 3 Days Collections in AP & Nizam are 7.8Cr (share). Below are the area wise shares.

Territory                  Total Share( In Cr)

Nizam                              2.84
Ceeded                            1.39
Vizag                               0.77
East                                 0.65
West                                0.47
Krishna                            0.66
Guntur                             0.73
Nellore                             0.29

Total AP & TG Share: 7.80 Cr (Approx)
Note: Including KA,ROI and Overseas it would be close to 13.5+Cr in Telugu Version alone(excluding Tamil Version). Great Start!!! 

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