Deepika, Priyanka to be questioned in fake followers scam!!

Film stars show lot of interest towards their followers count across social platforms. That too if a low tier star carries more followers than a top tier star, the later one feels it embarrassing as it has become a prestige issue now a days. This is where the fake followers scam is coming into the picture.

In the quest of followers, some stars are following various illegal paths. To find these, Mumbai police are on an investigation mission. In this process, they found out that around 70 companies are supplying fake followers, likes, subscriptions of various social media platforms. Of them they found out that a French Company named FollowersKart is playing a huge role in this scam.
Now two big stars names came out of this scam. Police officials doubted that Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra might contacted one of these companies to get fake followers. Both of them have over 50 million followers in instagram. Therefore the officials are currently investigation on their profiles and soon they may question both of them regarding the same.

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