Another 2 child lives saved by Mahesh!!

Superstar Mahesh Babu is a true Superstar in real life too. He has got a kind heart and he proved it in so many occasions. He has been doing so many charity activities and the heart operations stand top among all.

In association with Andhra Hospitals, Mahesh has sponsored over 1010 heart operations for children. In this process, now he has saved another two children lives.
'Bhavya Sri', 'Sindhu' have been suffering from heart problems. Their family members contacted Mahesh team and immediately Mahesh came forward to help. Recently, heart surgeries were done for both of them under the sponsorship of Mahesh.
Now both the kids have completely recovered and are absolutely fine now. Mahesh's wife Namrata herself shared this through her instagram account.

Namratha said, " Yet another instance that warms my heart and makes me immensely proud to be associated with Andhra Hospitals. A heartfelt thank you to Dr. PV Rama Rao and his team of doctors. Happy to know that Bhavya Sri and Sindhu have recovered and are in good health. Blessings to the girls and their families. Stay Safe. "

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